Scrap Metal Recycling

How to Get the Best Deals from Scrap Metal Buyers

Bear in mind that when it comes to metal prices, they are constantly changing, which means that you can’t be sure of the exact prices.

Remember that any scrap metal dealer is out to make profits, which means that you should have tips in mind to ensure you get the best deal. Below are 5 ways that will ensure you get the best deals for your metals.


Prepare Your Materials

One way to ensure that you get the best deal when selling your scrap metals is to make sure that you strip your copper wire before you take it to the yard. The reason is that they will pay you less in the case that you fail to remove the outer covering.

To ensure you get best deals out of your copper wire, make sure you take some time and strip it. The best way is to buy a wire stripper or if you have larger loads, a sophisticated wire stripper. It will enable you to double or triple your earnings when selling it to the scrap yard.


Contact Reputable Scrap Metal Buyers

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Make sure that you contact reputable scrap metal dealers, which will ensure that you get best prices for your scrap metal.

The reason is that just as you need to separate the good scrap stuff from the useless ones, you need to deal with people who appreciate your scrap metals.

The best way is by researching about the best scrap metal dealers in your locality.

Consider hiring mobile dealers who can come to your site. It will enable you to reduce your costs, for instance, fueling your vehicle to their yards.


Ask About Which Types of Metals They Accept

Ensure that you ask local yards which types of metals they receive. It will enable you to avoid instances where you bring materials that they won’t take, for example, car bodies. Another question to ask is how they prefer you to prepare your metal before you bring it to the yard.


Ask About Their Prices

Make sure you call ahead and know the prices that they offer for different types of metals. It enables you to compare prices of different local scrap yards. However, avoid making the mistake of choosing scrap yards by looking at their prices only.
The reason is that that they might be offering you higher prices but using faulty scales. The best way is to consider the value of their customer service, which enables you to build long-term business relationships.
When asking about their scrap metal prices, ask the scrap yard if they will honor their prices if you choose to come that day. The reason is that if you aren’t going that day, you shouldn’t expect them to honor their prices at any given time. The reason is that scrap metals prices often change, which means that you may get a different price than the one on their initial quote.


Separate Your Scrap Materials before Starting Your Trip to the Scrap Yard

Keep in mind that many scrap metal buyers don’t accept people to separate their materials at the door. The reason is that you can hold up other customers or tie up their labor. The best way is to sort your metals before you begin your trip. It will avoid instances where your scrap will be declared the least valuable.



The above informative article about recycling metals should make it easier for you to recycle your scrap metals. Make sure that you ask about the current scrap metal prices before you start your trip the scrap yard.